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12th GC Resolution on 'Clean Fuels and Vehicles'  Download pdf
12th GC Resolution on 'South Asia's Biodiversity Beyond 2010'  Download pdf
Regional Oil and Chemical Pollution Contingency Plan for South Asia
A Regional Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan and associated MoU was developed in association with the International Maritime Oganization for enhanced cooperation among five maritime countries of South Asia in the event of an Oil spill. As all member countries agreed on the Text of the documents the Regional Plan and MoU was sent to the member countries for signature. Three member countries viz. Bangladesh, Maldives and Pakistan have already signed the MoU. Status with respect to the signing of MOU by India and Sri Lanka are at an advanced stage.
Marine Biodiversity Assessment and Outlook 2010a
In line with the International Year of Biodiversity and Conference of Parties (COP) 10 of the Convention on Bio-logical Diversity (CBD) held in Japan, UNEP decided to prepare a Marine Biodiversity Outlook Report which covers all 18 Regional Seas Areas. The objective of this project was to enhance the understanding of key regional and global issues for marine biodiversity conservation through the issuance of outlook reports on the coastal areas covered by the Regional Seas Programmes. These outlook reports contributed to the discussions on marine and coastal biodiversity at the COP 10 of the CBD. UNEP entrusted SACEP to prepare the Outlook Report for the South Asian Seas Region and the Report was launched at the CBD CoP 10, Nagoya, Japan in October 2010.
On-board Training on Marine Resources Sampling, Data Collection and Interpretation for the South Asian Seas
The training programme was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India and UNEP. UN Division for Ocean Affairs and Law of Sea and UNEP-GRID Arendal were the other partners in this activity. Ten (10) mid-level managers from the five SAS countries participated in this training programme which was held from 18-22 September in India.
Blue Flag Beach Certification Programme for South Asia
Under this activity SACEP/SASP is to take the message of “A Clean beach – A Tourist Haven” for promoting sustainable tourism, in collaboration with the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Denmark, and the financial support of UNEP. In order to raise the awareness on this blue flag certification programme, SACEP organised National Workshops in the SASP Member states in February – March 2010 in collaboration with the National Focal Points.
Post 2015 South Asia Development Agenda
  Regional Communication Strategy for Coral Reef Management in South Asia
Training Manual on Marine Resources Sampling, Data Collection

Long-Term Management and Conservation of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas in South Asia
Report of the Second Regional Coordination workshop


25 Years of SACEP
Silver Jubilee Souvenir


SACEP's Newsletter December 2010
Year 26, Issue 1
ISSN 1815-1167

Post 2015 South Asia Development Agenda launched at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA)
The Post 2015 South Asia Development Agenda Report prepared by South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP) in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was launched on the 26th June 2014 at the Green Room of the United Nations Office in Nirobi (UNON), Kenya during the First United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA). The event was organized by SACEP in Collaboration with Islamic Republic of Pakistan & UNEP. Download Press Release
SACEP was a partner for an International Conference on Waste Management: Towards Waste Free Sri Lanka
The conference was held on 22nd March 2013 at Colombo Sri Lanka and SACEP was a partner of it. Conference was organized by geocycles and many eminent resource persons delivered their thoughts on the subject. Download presentations and Ebook
A Delegation from U.S. Embassy in Nepal and a representative from US Embassy in Sri Lanka Visited the SACEP Secretariat
Mr. Tracy A. Hall, Director, Mr. Jay Pal Shrestha, Environment Specialist of U.S. Embassy in Nepal (Regional Environment, Science, Technology and Health Officer for South Asia) and a representative from US Embassy in Sri Lanka visited SACEP Secretariat on 25th May 2011 to discuss the possibly of working together on Environmental issues common to the South Asian Region which are of mutual interest for future collaborations.
High Level Delegation of UNEP ROAP Visited the SACEP Secretariat
Dr. Young Woo Park, Regional Director & Dr. Subrato Sinha, Environmental Affairs Officer of UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific visited the SACEP Secretariat in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 28th April 2009 and had a detailed discussion on the past activities which were supported by UNEP ROAP and the new areas of mutual interest to be considered for the benefit of the South Asia region.
SACEP Celebrated its 25th Anniversary
SACEP celebrated its 25th anniversary on 24th January 2007 at the Hotel Soaltee, Kathmandu, Nepal.
(messages of Heads of States of member countries)
Upcoming Meetings
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 8 - 10 July 2014
1st Workshop for the Development of a Regional Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Strategy for the South Asian Seas Region
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 21 - 22 May 2014
Sub-Regional Workshop to Validate the Scoping Study of Nutrient Pollution on the Coastal and Marine Systems of South Asia
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 9 - 10 September 2014
South Asia Regional Workshop on Lessons Learnt in Strategy Implementation on Climate Change Adaptation in Water Sector


First Meeting of the Regional Task Force and Workshop to Develop a Regional Strategy and Action Plan for Ballast Water Management (BWM) in South Asia
24 - 25 February 2014
Colombo, Sri Lanka

First Regional Meeting of the National Authorities Responsible for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
26 - 28 February 2014
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Regional workshop to review and validate the scoping study on nutrient loading to coastal waters of South Asia
21 - 22 May 2014
Colombo, Sri Lanka

South Asia Regional Workshop on Lessons Learnt in Strategy Implementation on Climate Change Adaptation in Water Sector
9 - 10 September 2014
Colombo, Sri Lanka

1st Workshop for the Development of a Regional Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Strategy for the South Asian Seas Region
8 - 10 July 2014
colombo, Sri Lanka

13th Meeting of the Governing Council of SACEP and 5th Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers of South Asian Seas Programme
3 -5 December 2013
Islamabad, Pakistan

Consultation Workshop to Review South Asia RIO+20 Draft Position Paper
30 May 2013
Kathmandu, Nepal

Consultation Workshop on South Asia Environment Outlook (SAEO) - 2013
28 - 29 May 2013
Kathmandu, Nepal

International Conference on Waste Management - Towards Waste Free Sri Lanka
22 March 2013
Colombo, Sri Lanka

IPLA Sub Regional Secretariat for South Asia
SACEP became the Sub Regional Secretariat for South Asia to the International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) of the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) in May 2011.

SACEP becomes a partner to the UNEP's PCFV programme
SACEP joined the UNEP's programme on Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) in 2008. UNEP's PCFV assists developing countries to reduce vehicular air pollution through the promotion of lead-free, low sulphur fuels and cleaner vehicle standards and technologies. For more details, visit:

SACEP is a member of IMO’s Bio-fouling Correspondence Group
SASP/ SACEP is a member of IMO’s Bio-fouling Correspondence Group that was established at BLG 13 for the “Development of international measures for minimizing the translocation of invasive aquatic species through bio-fouling of ships”

SACEP becomes a member of ITMEMS4 ad-hoc Committee
During the INTERNATIONAL CORAL REEF INITIATIVE (ICRI) General Meeting held on April 2009 in Phuket,Thailand, SACEP has been nominated as a member of Ad-hoc committee on Fourth International Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management Symposium (ITMEMS4).The ITMEMS4 ad-hoc Committee is composed of ICRAN (as the chair), SPREP, GCRMN, Barbados, SACEP and the U.S. Department of State.

SACEP is a member of ICRI ad-hoc committee on East Asia Regional Workshop
The ad hoc Committee is extended until the next ICRI General Meeting under the chairmanship of Japan and the ICRI Secretariat, and will continue to include but not be limited to following members: COBSEA, Conservation International, Coral Cay Conservation, ICRAN, ICRI Forum, IUCN, JICA, Korea, Palau, SACEP, SCRFA, South Africa, Sue Wells, Thailand, TNC, UNEP-WCMC, USAID, Vietnam, World Fish Center, WWF.

Capacity Development/Training Opportunities for SACEP Member Countries

IPLA Global Forum 2013 on Sustainable Waste Management for the 21st Century Cities -Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities through Partnership will be held in the City of Borås, Sweden, on 9-11 September 2013.
Please visit the official website of the IPLA Global Forum 2013 at http://eventus.trippus.se/IPLA2013 for further information and registration.

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