1983 – 1994

SACEP’s programme activities primarily focused on the following aspects:

Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building ; Conservation and Sustainable Management of Ecosystems; Pollution Assessment and Control; Environmental Information, Reporting and Networks; Environmental Education and Awareness.

The project and programme activities implemented by SACEP cover the following periods,

Period : 1983 - 1994
Period Project/ Programme Collaborating Agencies Outcomes
1994 - 1984 Establishment of South Asian Seas Action Plan UNEP Three National Focal Point meetings of the five maritime nations of SACEP committed themselves to the development of an action plan to protect and manage the marine environment of the South Asian Seas region - 1994 / 1987 / 1984
Meeting of Legal and Technical Experts to Review the Proposed Legal Framework of the Action Plan for the South Asian Region - 1990
Meeting of Experts on establishment of the South Asian Seas Regional Programme - 1986
1994 & 1989 Establishment of Environment and Natural Resources Information Centre UNEP / ADB Established SACEP Environment and Natural Resources Information Centre (SENRIC) - 1994
Established a Regional Environment and Natural Recourse Centre for South Asia (RENRIC) - 1989
1994 - 1991 Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment in the South Asian Seas Region ESCAP/UNEP Intergovernmental Meeting on Capacity Building in Coastal Environmental Management in the South Asian Seas Region - 1994
Workshop on Management Strategies for the Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment in the South Asian Seas Region - 1993
Workshop on Coastal Resources Management Planning in SACEP Region - 1991
1994 - 1982 SACEP Towards Sustainable Development   Publication of SACEP
1994 Series of books for children on environment-related themes. UNEP / Centre for Environment Education, India 4 Publications
1994 Preparation of State of Environment Reports Country Governments Bangladesh / Nepal / Sri Lanka & South Asia
1992 Preparation of the First Strategic Plan for SACEP NORAD From 1992 - 1996
1989 - 1987 Oil Spill Contingency Plan for South Asia IMO / UNEP Workshop on South Asia Marine Pollution Emergency Action - 1989
Mission by IMO to the Marine Member States of South Asia regarding an Oil Spill Contingency Plan - 1987
1988 Designated as Year of the Trees for South Asia SACEP Member States SACEP declared 1988 as the year of trees for South Asia and the member states of SACEP Carried out activities
1987 - 1988 Environmental Impact Assessment and cost / Benefit Analysis UNEP Experts level meetings, New Delhi , India
Netherlands Regional workshop on EIA proceedings and methodologies
1986 - 1987 Environmental Legislation Programme UNDP Country reports
A regional overview
A regional workshop on environmental legislation, New Delhi, India
1986 Integrated Mosquito Control using Community Participation and Environmentally Acceptable Techniques for South Asian Countries SARVODAYA / SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY AND THE EEC Workshop on Integrated Mosquito Control
1986 Desertification UNEP Regional workshop on dryland degradation and rehabilitation
Experts meetings to delineate the areas and causes
1983 Conservation of Mangrove, Coral and Island Ecosystems UNEP / ESCAP Formulation of Action Plans
Dissemination of reports among all stakeholders.