South Asian Seas Progamme - Action Plan

The Action Plan for the South Asian Seas Programme (SASP) was formally adopted by five south Asian countries; Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan & Sri Lanka at a Meeting of Plenipotentiaries of the concerned countries held in New Delhi, on March 24th 1995.The action plan assist the member countries in protecting the marine environment of the region.

The Action Plan in addition to specifying the needs under the main components of Environmental Assessment, Environmental Management, Environmental Legislation & Institutional and Financial Arrangements, identified the areas where priority activities need to be developed for implementation. These priority activities are in the following four specific areas:

Resolutions adopted at Plenipotentiaries Meeting

The Meeting of Plenipotentiaries also adopted three resolutions in respect of the implementation, Institutional Arrangements and Financial Arrangements and the Final Act of the South Asian Seas Action Plan.

SACEP is the Secretariat for the implementation of the Action Plan in respect for the South Asian Seas programme. A Trust Fund has also been established for the maintenance of the Secretariat.