Inter-governmental Meeting of Ministers (IMM) of the South Asian Seas Programme

5 - 6 November 2019 Sixth Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers, Dhaka, Bangladesh pdf-download
5th December 2013 Fifth Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers, Islamabad, Pakistan pdf-download
22nd May 2008 Fourth Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers, Jaipur, India pdf-download
26th August 2005 Third Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers, Thimphu, Bhutan pdf-download
01st July 2002 Second Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers, Colombo, Sri Lanka pdf-download
22nd March 1999 First Intergovernmental Meeting of Ministers, Islamabad, Pakistana pdf-download
24th March 1995 Meeting of Plenipotentiaries on the Action Plan for the Protection and Management of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the South Asian Seas Region, New Delhi, India pdf-download

It shall be the function of the meeting of the Governments to keep under review the implementation and execution of the Action Plan and should make policy decisions concerning all substantive and financial matters and, in particular, should:

  1. review the progress achieved in implementing the programmes since the previous meeting.
  2. careful evaluation of the results achieved.
  3. adopt a workplan for the implementation of the programme in the subsequent two year period;
  4. provide the policy guidance for the procedures to be followed in the implementation of the programme.
  5. approve the budgetary resources required to support the workplan and their allocation for a two year period, and
  6. agree upon the means for financing activities of the programme, including firm pledges for contributions to be made by Governments.

The Rules of Procedure of SACEP Governing Council will be applied mutatis mutandis, for the conduct of the Meetings. Intergovernmental meetings of participating States will be held normally at Ministerial Level.