2006 – 2008 Coral Reef Management

2006 - 2008 Coral Reef Management

A European Commission (EC) Proposal titled ‘Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development for the Long-term Management and Conservation of MCPAs encompassing Coral Reef Resources in South Asia’ which was prepared in cooperation with UNEP-Coral Reef Unit and ICRAN was implemented by SACEP under a MoU with UNEP-GPA.

  • The 10-GC SACEP endorsed the establishment of South Asia Coral Reef Task Force. SACEP in collaboration with ICRAN made the proposed structure and ToR for the Task Force members and circulated it to a group of experts and country governments for review and suggestions. The suggestions received were compiled and was submitted to the Second Regional Workshop held from 25 – 27 July 2007. The workshop officially endorsed and launched the South Asian Coral Reef Task Force (SACRTF) on 27 July 2007. (Read more)
  • The First meeting of the SACRTF was held in Colombo on the 21 December 2007. This was attended by officials and experts from all five member countries and took important decisions on the establishment and consolidation of the initiative which was the first in Asia and the 3rd in the world.
  • Second Co-ordniation Meeting of the South Asia Coral Reef Task Force was held in Maldives in August 2008
  • Educational Awareness Programmes conducted in MCPAs were extremely successful in the 5 marine countries South Asia under this project.
  • Regional Communication Strategy for Coral Reef Management in South Asia
  • Regional Strategy for Coral Reef Management in South Asia

In view of the regional importance of this initiative, SACEP Secretariat is actively searching for possible donors to take the project activities forward and to keep the SACRTF active.