SACEP Launched the Regional Marine Litter Action Plan for the South Asia Seas Region

Mr. Erik Solheim, Executive Director, UN Environment and Diya Mirza, UN Environment Good Well Ambassadress,who also acted as stage Secretary joined SACEP in Launching the Regional Marine Litter Action Plan entitled TOWARDS A LITTER FREE INDIAN OCEAN aiming at protecting the marine environment from in the South Asian Seas (SAS) region. The occasion was witnessed by dignitaries including national, regional, global stakeholders, UN system, senior officers and ministers for Environment across South Asia. The Regional Marine Litter Action Plan is in fact based on the National Marine Litter Action Plans already developed by all the five SAS member countries with the technical and financial support by UNEP-GPA and SACEP. The preparatory process included thorough national and regional consultative meetings and dialogues with stakeholders from public sector, private sector and civil society.

Dr. Muhammad Khurshid, DG, SACEP also chaired a session on the Marine Litter Challenges and opportunities in the SAS region and participated as panelist in two other sessions on the marine environment in the SAS region. The WED 2018 hosted by India also helped SACEP in high lighting the regional environmental issues to the global community and public at large.

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