Farewell and Welcome dinner By Staff of SACEP


SACEP organized a Farewell and Welcome reception in honour of the Out-going Director General, Dr. Muhammad Khurshid and his successor Dr. Abas Basir the present Director General on 7th August 2018 at the Secretariat.

Ms. Jacintha S. Tissera, the Administrative Officer / Head of Chancery welcomed the team of SACEP and noted the services delivered by Dr. Muhammad Khurshid, the out-going Director General giving emphasis to the awarding of the Land to SACEP by the Host Country and completion of signing the Regional Oil & Chemical Pollution Contingency Plan for South Asia & Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Co-operation on the Response to Oil and Chemical Pollution in the South Asian Seas Region by the five marine member states which were significant achievements.

Ms. Tissera while welcoming Dr. Abas Basir to SACEP Secretariat as the Director General of SACEP stated that with the vast experience of Dr. Basir, serving as the Senior Advisor to the Afghan President on Natural Resources and Environment, as well as the exposure received during the services rendered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more over serving as the National Focal Point of SACEP as the Deputy Director General on Policy and International Relations, National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA), Afghanistan will bring SACEP to be a more vibrant, proactive regional organization.

Then Dr. Muhammad Khurshid addressed the gathering and thanked all at SACEP for helping him for the accomplishments made during his tenure as the Director General and congratulated Dr. Abas Basir on his new assignment and wished him all success to achieve the expected goals under the field of Environment as the Director General of SACEP to the South Asian Region.

Dr. Abas Basir during his speech thanked Dr. Muhammad Khurshid for the services rendered as the Director General of SACEP during the past three years and wished him success in all his future endeavours and stated that he looks forward to uplift the profile of SACEP in the field of environment with the political will of the South Asian Region and would fulfil the responsibilities as the Director General of SACEP with honesty and dedication with the support of the professionals and support staff of SACEP.

As an appreciation for the leadership provided by the out-going Director General, Dr. Muhammad Khurshid a Silver Plaque was given as a memento by Dr. Abas Basir, the Director General of SACEP.

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