Lost at Sea: Combating Abandoned, Lost, or Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear

The program "Lost at Sea: Combating Abandoned, Lost, and otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear" is a significant initiative organized by the World Bank and supported by PROBLUE, in collaboration with various partner organizations. The event, set to take place at the Trademark Hotel in Nairobi, on Monday, November 13, 2023, from 18:00 to 21:00 (EAT), is structured as an in-person-only gathering with the primary objective of building on the momentum generated during INC-2 and the inter-sessional period. The focus is on informing the zero draft on the life cycle of fishing gear.

The format of the event includes an opening by Ms. Anjali Acharya, the Marine Plastics lead and Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank, followed by a keynote address from Minister Ms. Albina Ruiz Rios, the Minister of Environment of Peru. The session features updates on Abandoned, Lost, and Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) with presentations from key partners. Topics covered fishing gear recycling technologies, a snapshot of ALDFG in South Asia, the economic and ecosystem costs of ALDFG, and opportunities in biodegradable fishing gear.

The program further includes discussions on ALDFG and the International Legal Binding Instrument (ILBI), with contributions from experts like Ms. Hannah Pragnell Raasch from the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and Mr. Eirik Lindebjerg, the Global Plastics Policy Lead at WWF.

Mr. Joseph Ese Akpokodje, Senior Environmental Specialist, World Bank during his presentation highlighted the necessity of addressing the issue of ALDFG in South Asia through the PLEASE Project in collaboration with SACEP.

The distinguished speakers highlight their expertise and experience in the field, underlining the significance of this collaborative effort to address the critical issue of abandoned fishing gear and its environmental impact.

The event culminated in moderated discussions with representatives from Costa Rica, Kenya, Canada, and Vanuatu, providing insights into their efforts to prevent and combat ALDFG. The Q&A session and closing remarks by Mr. Axel Borchmann, Deputy Head of Division at BMUV, Germany, rounded off the formal program.